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Bill Rancic to Run ING New York City Marathon for Timex
On November 3, Bill Rancic will find himself an apprentice again, at least as far as the 26.2-mile reality of the ING New York City Marathon is concerned. Like softball star Jennie Finch (2011) and New York Giants receiver Amani Toomer (2010) before him, Rancic will be the last person to start the race and will partner with Timex, which will donate $1 to Fab-U-Wish for every runner he passes. Finch and Toomer, combined, earned $56,211 for their charities. Rancic, 42, was the winner on the first season of The Apprentice, in 2004, and is now the co-star and co-executive producer of the reality show Bill and Giuliana with Giuliana Rancic, whom he married in 2007. In late 2011, she was diagnosed with breast cancer and underwent a double mastectomy. Fab-U-Wish grants wishes to women undergoing cancer treatment. “I have always enjoyed running and it has been a long-time dream of mine to race in the ING New York City Marathon,” said Rancic in a statement. “Timex is allowing me to take my dream one step further by supporting my wife’s charity, and raising awareness and much-needed funds for those battling breast and ovarian cancer.” A Chicago native, Rancic has twice run the Bank of America Chicago Marathon, in 1999 and 2001, when he ran 4:31.31. For the ING New York City Marathon, Rancic will be trained by—and run the race with—Chris Thomas of the Timex Multisport Team. Thomas is the 2009 USA Triathlon Amateur Athlete of the Year and a six-time finisher of the Ironman World Championships in Hawaii. Also the author of two books, You’re Hired and Beyond the Lemonade Stand, Rancic was asked in a 2011 interview with Men’s Health magazine whether running has taught him any lessons that translate to the business world. “Well, in a lot of ways, running a marathon is like any big challenge in life,” he replied. “You need to take that overwhelming goal of 26.2 miles, and you break it down into manageable pieces. A lot of marathon runners focus on getting to mile eight, and then mile 12. And that’s how they make it to mile 26. I’ve used that strategy throughout my life, and it’s helped me succeed in my career.” Read More
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Badwater 135: Meredith Dolhare on running the world's toughest race
To help raise awareness for RunningWorks, Meredith Dolhare is running the Badwater 135 ultramarathon. Stride Nation spoke to her just days before the race, about motivation, coffin-sized coolers, a plan if her shoes melt, and blister management. Monday's  forecast  in Death Valley is 120 degrees. Both Tuesday and Wednesday are expected to see highs of 118. The low over this three-day stretch is 90 degrees. But what else would you expect from a race that starts in a town called Furnace Creek? And it's in that heat that 100 runners will set out on a 135-mile ultramarathon, through some of the most unforgiving terrain on the planet -- this is the  Badwater Ultramarathon , the world's toughest footrace. Read More
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Timex Athletes Showcased During Tour de France
Timex Multisport Team athletes Roger Thompson (pictured above) and Matt Russell both appear in commercials airing during the 100th Tour de France. Matt Russell can be seen in the background while Robbie Ventura, Paraic McGlynn, and Dr. Steven Major discuss the benefits of Xendurance.   Roger is the man on the Pro-Form 2013 TDF Centennial [...] :: Please click on the headline to read the entire story. Read More
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TimexRewards.com Community
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The Story of an Original Ironman
It’s a story as old as time…one man dares another in a bar and the next thing you know it’s a world wide event. Well something like than anyhow. Prior to this week, I admit my knowledge of the Ironman was limited to the replays I have watched over the last few years and the friends I’ve had compete. Largely leaving me with a feeling of amazement, maybe even overwhelmed…how could someone take on 140.6 miles?! This weekend I was lucky enough to speak with Dave Orlowski the 3rd place finisher of the original 12 Ironmen finishers {15 started and registered for $5} about how it all began and his journey to complete 140.6 miles in CUT OFF JEAN SHORTS. I feel chaffed just thinking about that possibility! For those of you like me who may not know the story, here it is from an original. Read More
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I Tried To Be Smart And It Worked Out: Frederik Van Lierde
Let me preface this little post with a disclaimer that all of my Kona posts are going to be in no particular order that makes any sense. I left Kona so crazy inspired by a sport that I literally KNEW NOTHING about two weeks ago. I’m posting posts, as I feel like it and as it comes to mind as a moment in time that affected me in some way! Read More
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Sneak a Peek at Bill Rancic’s Marathon-Training Diet
On a recent day in October, reality star Bill Rancic—who’ll be running in the ING New York City Marathon on November 3—ate a big stack of pancakes, three scrambled egg whites, a few turkey sausages, multigrain toast and several bananas. For breakfast. Lunch, or as he called it, “a little snack in midafternoon,” was chicken breast and brown rice, with a protein-bar chaser. Rancic, who’s married to E! News anchor Giuliana Rancic, has been running up to 18 miles every day for the past two months and eats whatever’s in sight, except fried foods. “Hamburgers, slabs of ribs, things I wouldn’t normally eat,” he says. “I’m just trying to get fuel in my body any way I can, about 6,000 calories a day.” (A recent 14-mile training run burned about 2,800 calories in two hours.) He’s going to need the extra fuel: The Apprentice season one winner will be the last runner to start the marathon and, for every runner he passes, Timex will donate $1 to Fab-U-Wish, which his wife started after her breast cancer diagnosis in 2011 to grant the wishes of women facing breast cancer and ovarian cancer. He’s hoping to net the charity $25,000 or more. That’s why eating enough is so vital during his training regimen. The same day Rancic had the pancake breakfast and chicken lunch, he met up with some buddies to watch the Chicago Bears game at RPM-Italian, a popular Chicago restaurant he co-owns. “I held off eating again until I met them,” he says. “And then we unleashed fury—we shared little pepperoni pizzas, mushroom pizzas, grilled octopus, kale salad, Brussels sprouts salad, a big Porterhouse steak, bucatini, seafood pasta, rice pudding gelato, mint-chocolate-chip gelato and little doughnuts you dip in Nutella.” “I’m eating more now than I’ve ever eaten in my life,” he explains, “but it’s guilt-free,” noting that he’s lost more than 10 pounds during training. “I’ll go back to my regular way of eating on November 4.” But in the meantime, pass the Porterhouse. —Nancy Mattia Read More
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